‘Ragnar’ by Rhys Cooper – On Sale Info
21 Jan , 2019

‘Ragnar’ by Rhys Cooper – On Sale Info

In anticipation of the dramatic hit series VikingsTM continuing on Wednesday, November 30 at 9PM ET/PT on HISTORY, FAMP Art is excited to release a new print in our series of officially licensed VikingsTM posters.

For our second release, we teamed up with Australian artist Rhys Cooper to utilize his character oriented banner style and applied it this amazing series.  Our first banner with Rhys focuses on the show’s lead character, Ragnar Lothbrook, and is based on his persona from the second season.  While Ragnar’s stoic look grabs your attention, it’s all the smaller details that pertain to Ragnar’s personality that tie the print together so well.  It’s this combination that has resulted in a beautiful piece of character art worthy of a king’s wall.

Rhys’ Ragnar banner, which measures 12”x36”, will go sale Wednesday, November 9th at 12pm EST via the FAMP Art website (  Full details about the piece can be found below

Artist: Rhys Cooper
Size: 12″x36″
Edition: 90
Hand-Numbered and Signed
Six color Screen print including three metallic inks
Cost: $50.00
Ships: World Wide
Printed by: Seizure Palace Screen Printing

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