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Buyer's Guide
Can I hold an item(s) in my cart?
  Since these are limited edition prints, an item cannot be held cart. Your order isn't considered final until you receive an email confirmation from us.
The Print Looks Different than the JPEG on the site
  Occasionally, due to the style of screen printing, art may come out a little differently than what is displayed in the initial jpeg due to the nature of the printing style.  This typically happens when art has fades and gradients.  We do our best to make sure the print looks exactly the same but occasionally this does happen.  We do post two images in the product page so that you can see the difference.
What’s the best way to find out about your releases?
  To find out about print drops you can subscribe to our newsletter which will detail how and when the release will go down. You can also follow us on twitter @FAMPart or "like" us on Facebook to get all the details. Prints go fast so be sure to register to quicken the checkout process and secure your print.
Whoops! I missed a release, will you be printing more?
  Afraid not. All of our releases our limited editions and once they are sold out they will never be printed again.